Document Capture & Payment Management
To almost all of our Business Central customers, we sell Document Capture and Payment Management from Continia, add-on solutions that make your Business Central solution even better. Read more about the two solutions below:

Document Capture

For almost all our Business Central customers we sell, as an additional solution, a Document Capture solution from Continia.

Document Capture is a complete solution for importing, registering, approving and archiving purchase invoices, and credit notes directly in Business Central. This is done with minimal user involvement. It saves you both time and hassle of having to register incoming invoices manually.  


The price for Document Capture is billed monthly, and you pay for the number of documents per month across all accounts. If you want more Feature Modules you will automatically get a discount. 2nd Feature Module triggers 25% off the price of this module and similarly, the 3rd Feature Module ensures 50% off on the price of this module.

Prices in Danish Kroner (DKK) excluding VAT. We reserve the right to adjust prices in accordance to Continia.


Handle purchase invoices and credit memos as PDF-files or electronic documents and recognize header fields using OCR technology.
  • Automated setup and configuration
  • Dedicated e-mail addresses
  • Award-winning OCR recognition
  • Continia Delivery Network
  • Handles all XML formats
  • Purchase invoices and credit memos
  • Manual split and merge
  • Configurable templates and fields
  • Batch processing and registration
  • Full document archive
  • Drag-and-drop

Advanced Capture

Do you have complex documents, several companies, need to capture lines, or need to process other types of documents too?
  • Line recognition
  • Unlimited document types
  • Automated split and merge
  • Company identification

Order Matching

Match purchase invoices to existing orders, posted receipts, return orders, and posted return shipments.
  • Automated matching
  • Matching on totals
  • Matching line-by-line
  • Matching overview

Document Approval

Add a wide range of functionalities necessary to handle an end-to-end approval workflow
  • Continia Web Approval Portal
  • Automated approval
  • Approval flows
  • Approval sharing
  • Forcing approval
  • Documents on hold
  • Out of office
  • Forwarding documents
  • Amount and dimension validation
  • Account and dimension permissions
  • Full audit trails
  • Purchase allocations / pre-posting

Payment Management

Managing payments can end up being a costly affair for your business as paying suppliers often results in unnecessary costs such as payment fees due to late payment, time spent correcting errors, lost payment discounts, and resource consumption when importing and exporting files to and from the bank.  

Payment Management is a complete payment solution that ensures good quality and provides a high level of security throughout the payment process. 


The price for Payment Management is settled monthly and you pay for the number of transactions per month across all accounts.

Transactions are counted like so: 

  • One transaction equals one posted payout line. If the disbursement line represents a pooled payment, the number of transactions equals the number of closed items in that disbursement line.
  • A transaction is equivalent to a posted deposit line.
  • A transaction is equivalent to a posted cash line generated by Payment Management.
  • A transaction is equivalent to an IBAN lookup.

Prices in Danish Kroner excluding VAT. We reserve the right to adjust prices in accordance to Continia.


Contains the basic setup needed to validate payments and communicate with the bank (not direct communication).
  • Make credit card payments that can be sent to the bank
  • Manual communication via files
  • Ability to create multiple payout schedules
  • Individual setup of drafts
  • Payment to all banks in one draft
  • 100% clearing match on all payment items with Unique Payment Reference
  • Automatic filling of Payment ID
  • When using Continia Document Capture, the Payment ID is transferred automatically.
  • Unique validation before sending the payment to the bank 
  • Single payment per creditor
  • Visual overview directly in the payment sheet
  • History
  • Functions for loading digital bank statements with Statement Intelligence
  • Loading of bank statements
  • Automatic reconciliation
  • Reconciliation of creditor payments based on unique payment page
  • Reconciliation of debtor payments in a few steps

Direkte communication

Eliminate the need for manual import and export of payment and bank account files by communicating and exchanging payment information directly and automatically with your bank.
  • Support for direct communication for those banks that offer it
  • Handling of error payments directly in Business Central
  • Status response return, including receipt of payment


With this module you can make IBAN lookups on the creditor bank account card. This allows you to create a creditor bank account, based solely on the IBAN number.
  • Enter the IBAN number of the creditor bank account

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