Dynamics 365 Business Central

The new version of NAV


Business Central is closely integrated with the other Microsoft products you probably already use in your business. Whether you need to send an invoice as an email, export figures to Excel or add a contact from Outlook, it is easily done.


Business Central is designed to increase your business efficiency and give you control and visibility of what is happening in your business. The extensive functionality also ensures that your business can grow with Business Central.


Business Central has taken over for NAV, which is used by more than 300,000 companies in 42 countries. Therefore, there is a large engine behind the continuous development. With Business Central you are future-proof and can be confident in your ERP investment.


Role-based intuitive displays ensure you quickly learn how to use Business Central. Visual queue indicators accurately show employees what they need to do to drive the business forward.

A solution completely in the cloud

Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s new product name for Dynamics NAV and is built on the NAV platform. This means that all the functionality from NAV is available.

Business Central is now available both as a cloud solution (Software as a service) and as an on-premise solution where you run the solution on your own server. Our customers mainly choose the cloud solution.

Business Central as Cloud solution:

The advantage of Business Central as a cloud solution is that you only pay a fixed monthly fee per user and do not have to pay an ongoing update subscription.

Secure data centers

Business Central being available as a Cloud solution means that your company’s data is stored in secure data centers owned by Microsoft. Thereby, Microsoft takes care of all the security around the product and data.


Business Central is updated automatically, so you do not have to worry about servers, hosting, updates or anything else. Therefore, your company is always assured a solution that is technologically up-to-date. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee per user, and you do not have to pay an ongoing update subscription.

Easy access 

One of the most well-known benefits of using Business Central as a cloud solution is the freedom of movement it offers workers. Instead of having to work in a centralised location, the cloud solution allows your employees to work securely on any device, wherever they are. The ease of access ensures flexibility and productivity for your business.


Dynamics 365 Business Central user price depends on your needs. There are 3 types of users and you need to decide which type of user your whole business needs. You cannot mix user types. All prices are per named user per month excluding VAT. For all, there is free access for the accountant.

Data included:

An 80 GB database is included in Business Central Cloud solution. Furthermore, a 1 GB database is included per licensed user.

Dynamics 365 Business Central prices:

Business Central Essentials

Basic version with all basic functionality
DKK489per. user /month
  • Basic version with all basic functionality
  • You do not pay extra for entries, multiple accounts and dimensions, they are included in the user price
  • Supports 25 languages
  • Efficient financial management incl. currency and budget management
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Project and resource management
  • Mobile version with a consistent experience across Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • Save and transfer data across your systems

Business Central Premium

Essentials + Production + Service
DKK698,5per. user /month
  • All the same functionality as Essentials
  • Production
  • Service

Business Central Team Members

Limited functionality
DKK55,9per. user /month
  • Read reports
  • Update existing data and entries
  • Approve or reject tasks in workflows assigned to a user
  • Time registration
  • Create, edit or delete an offer
  • Create, edit or delete personal information

We are subject to price changes from Microsoft.

BusinessGo.dk | Our Business Central platform

We have launched BusinessGo, our take on a platform 100% focused on Business Central. On BusinessGo you can get help converting to Business Central from a number of other ERP systems, and you can find solutions we have developed for Business Central that aim to make your day-to-day use of the system a little easier. Visit BusinessGo if you are considering converting to Business Central. 

All functionality from NAV

Functionality in Business Central



Relationship management



Human resources

Assembly management

Project management


Multi country functionality


Multiple languages

Service management

Unlimited accounts

Business intelligence and reporting

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