Add-on Solutions

Add-on solutions from BusinessGo, Continia, and Tasklet

Optimize your Business Central

Add-on solutions help you optimize the use of your Business Central. The various add-on solutions extend the functionality and allow you to customize Business Central according to your company’s needs.


We have developed apps for Business Central that make your day-to-day life a little easier. On BusinessGo.dk you are able to read more about our apps. Among others, our apps include OIOUBL Plus which adds time-saving functionality for processing OIOUBL invoices, and Reports Plus which makes it possible to correct prompt texts in external reports.



Continia’s Document Capture, for automating accounts payable invoice management, and Payment Management, for automating debtor and creditor payments, are strong add-on solutions for Business Central. We are Continia partners and implement their solutions for almost all our customers.



Tasklet has developed the barcode scanning solution, Mobile WMS. The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Business Central’s standard warehouse functions and provides a complete overview of your warehouse. As we are a Tasklet partner, we can advise you on how to optimize your warehouse processes with Tasklet.


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