Powerful warehouse solution from Tasklet Factory

Optimize warehouse processes with Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory

Tasklet Mobile WMS

We are Tasklet Factory partners and distributor of their barcode scanning solution Mobile WMS. The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Business Central’s standard warehouse functions. Mobile WMS can work offline as well as online and gives you a complete overview of the warehouse. The user-friendly interface and the flexibility of the solution make it easier for warehouse employees to perform their daily tasks more efficiently.

Benefits of Tasklet’s Mobile WMS:

  • Reduces errors
  • More efficient employees
  • Reduces warehouse costs
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Improves customer satisfaction


Offline functionality

Integrated with Business Central

2 day installation

Easy to customize


Mobile WMS Functionality



Perform shipments from the mobile device.


Report consumption, output, and time on released product orders.

Substitute item

Scan a barcode and look-up substitute items.

Put away

Assign a bin to the received item.


Perform planned and unplanned counts.

Item cross reference

Associate or add a barcode to an existing item.


Register and control received items. Supports expiry dates and lot-/serial numbers.

Attach images

Attach pictures in the work process or create item images.

Print label

Print labels from the mobile device *print license required.


Report consumption and output on assembly orders.


Planned. unplanned, and bulk movements of items.
And much more...

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