Dansk Eksport emballage – e-conomic to Business Central

E-conomic to Business Central

“I was surprised, at how painless the process was. I had heard from other companies that converting to a new financial system usually came with a lot of hassle, but wisepeople.it was thorough and quickly got us converted to Business Central without any problems.

We shut down on Friday and were already up and running on Business Central by Monday evening.

The support from wisepeople.it has been and still is very good. I would definitely recommend wisepeople.it to other businesses looking to convert their old financial system to Business Central.”

Hardy Vølund
CEO, Dansk Eksport Emballage

ClientDansk Eksport Emballage
IndustryPackaging distributor

About Dansk Eksport Emballage

Dansk Eksport Emballage is both a manufacturer and subcontractor of wooden transport packaging for several large and small industrial companies in Denmark.

Dansk Eksport Emballage is a growing company. In 2022, they received a Gazelle from Børsen for the third time in a row.