Luksusbaby – e-conomic to Business Central

E-conomic to Business Central

A growing business with growing demands for a financial system

Luksusbaby sells quality clothing for kids and tweens between the age of 0 and 16 through both physical stores and their webshop, luksusbaby.dk. With 150 employees and ever-growing requirements for their financial system, Luksusbaby wanted to switch from e-conomic to Business Central. Therefore, they contacted us to hear more about our BusinessGo conversion engine. After a short discussion, we were able to give Luksusbaby a fixed price for their conversion, where all history including purchase documents was included. Luksusbaby accepted the offer, and we performed a trial conversion as the first step in the process. Once Luksusbaby had approved the trial conversion, we carried out the final conversion in early May 2023. In connection with the conversion, we also implemented Document Capture and Payment Management from Continia.

The most entries we have ever had

Luksusbaby is by far the conversion task with the most entries, we have ever completed. As many as 6 times the amount our largest customer thus far has had. It caused some challenges to lift the very large amount of data, and we had to optimize our conversion engine to be able to complete the conversion over a weekend as promised. But the hard work has paid off, and our engine can now handle very large e-conomic customers.

CIO Thue Stensgaard has been the project manager for Luksusbaby and has driven the Business Central process at Luksusbaby.

“We have had all our historical data converted to Business Central, which is fantastic. Here only a month after the conversion, things have settled in and our employees, who use Business Central, are already comfortable with the system. We will of course continue to optimize our use of Business Central and look forward to a continued strong collaboration with the BusinessGo team”

SkillsChildrens clothing

About Luksusbaby

Luksusbaby sells quality clothing for children and tweens between the age of 0 to 16 through both physical stores and their webshop, luksusbaby.com. In 2017, Luksusbaby opened their international webshop, which means that they are now able to deliver their products to customers all over the world.